Lenovo ThinkPad P52 adds VR, 400-nit display option to its 15-inch mobile workstations

03-thinkpad-p52-hero-front-facing-left-engineering Lenovo

The new ThinkPad 52 mobile workstation joins a small but growing number of relatively compact 15-inch models, such as the Dell Precision 7530, that can be configured as VR-ready and with a high-quality display. It"s Lenovo"s first with the capability.

That"s because the systems are just starting to incorporate Nvidia"s recent Quadro P3200, the lowest-end mobile Nvidia workstation GPU that supports VR and works in the smaller 15-inch designs, with 17-inch models having supported VR for a while longer. The relatively recent eighth-generation Xeon mobile processors help, too.

The T52 also offers a new display option, a 4K/UHD touchscreen with 100 percent Adobe RGB coverage and a peak brightness of 400 nits. These new brighter displays are becoming more common as panel supply increases, making them more cost-effective. Yay!

Otherwise, the T52 has the typical, function-oriented ThinkPad P series design. Lenovo didn"t provide pricing, but it"s slated to ship by the end of June.

  • Up to eighth generation hexacore Intel Xeon 
  • Up to Nvidia Quadro P3200 
  • 15.6-inch display, 300 nit 1,920x1,080 72 percent NTSC or 4K/UHD touchscreen 400 nits 100 percent Adobe RGB
  • Up to 128GB DDR4 (depends on combination of ECC vs. non-ECC)
  • Up to 6 TB storage
  • 3xUSB 3.1 Type-A, 2xUSB-C/Thunderbolt, 1xHDMI 2.0, 1xmini DisplayPort 1.4, SD card reader
  • Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5, optional Cat 9 4G LTE
  • 14.9x9.9x1.0 in/377x252x25 mm
  • starts at 5.4 lbs/2.5 kg
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